New Street Fighter stuff and new concerns.

New Street Fighter stuff and new concerns.

So today there was an update listing all the new things they plan on adding to Street Fighter V, one of which was a bunch of cool looking costumes.

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All of which can be seen above, which I think are all pretty cool. Sadly, but no surprise, they will all cost actual money (other than the one meh Laura one). All in all good news as they all look great, and people have been wanting an Airman Rashid for a while.

The second announcement was a host of changes to the in-game Survival mode, which would see a host of changes coming to it. Now for those who don’t know the survival mode is exactly as it sounds pitting you against foe after foe, fight after fight, with your chosen character. You had to do this to unlock colours for certain costumes and was an easy way to play a character a bit, especially for those who shy away from online play. For a long time before the addition of the arcade mode and the general story, survival mode was the go-to for your offline play. So overall to see some change coming to survival is a good thing, and let us examine each change piece by piece.

Battle Goods

So this feature will be replacing the ‘supplements’ that the survival mode currently has and won’t be too great of a change. The supplements would allow you to spend points to regain health between fights, have a full super meter, have more defense, and other various things with varying cost. The battle goods are claimed to be similar, but are consumables that you can use up to five of before a given match. You earn more by playing survival mode or the new mode that we will get around to later here. All in all I believe these battle goods could be a good thing for survival mode, allowing you to be able to have the perfect effects you want to overcome certain tough points in any given survival run.

Saving Progress and Continuing

There will be the added functionalities of being able to save between fights, and being able to continue after a loss. The ability to save between is 100% a welcome addition especially considering that the longest survival mode can take 100 fights, that is right, 100 fights that you had to get through in one sitting.  Then we can look at the ability to continue after a loss, which would also be a good thing without question, except for the fact now it costs that in-game currency, fight money. Fight money used to be super easy to get and in large quantities, making getting new characters and stages super easy, but there feels like a drought of it now that is pretty hard to get it. It is only 1000 fight money that it will cost, but still that could start biting you pretty quick if you aren’t careful.


Other Improvements

They detail that characters fought will now be random, other than the pre-determined bosses that will show up in a set order. This will bring some freshness to the survival mode instead of it being the same thing every time, a small but nice change. The next thing is that V-gauge carries over to the next fight, which is a helpful little addition.


Fighting Chance…. AKA LOOT BOXES

Just read this here;


Yeah so spend that fight money to get a chance at some random crap… Hmm wonder what that sounds like.. maybe LOOT BOXES? Damn you Capcom for bringing this kind of garbage to Street Fighter V.

It was all looking pretty good until I saw that, the implementation could end up better than it sounds, but for now it sounds pretty bad. Just wanted to talk about that a bit, until next time all.

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