Been a busy couple of weeks.

Been busy with research papers and final exams as of late so I’ve been relatively quiet, but thankfully the semester is over so I can have more free time with everything else.

For the next little while I planned on talking about Street Fighter V and how is still going strong after releasing a couple years back. As well as some of the drawbacks I’ve been finding about Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Going to get some painting progress on my small fledgling Blood Angels force weather permitting (because spray painting in -20 doesn’t go well).

The popularity of Fortnite, which is rather puzzeling to me and how it dominates the Twitch viewer statistics as of late.

So those are just a few things I am looking at talking about over the rest of the month, but for now this is just a small update. Hope everything is going well for everyone, and I look forward to getting back into the rhythm of things starting next week!

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