A Petition for Slaanesh?

A Petition for Slaanesh?

So I was perusing one of the Warhammer 40K groups I am a part of and I found this:

Games workshop stop putting Slaanesh in a corner, give the God of love some love!

A petition to bring Slaanesh and the Emperor’s Children back to the forefront of GW’s efforts. Now this could be because we have seen a lot of focus back onto specific Chaos gods and their Space Marine followers; Deathguard/Nurgle and Thousand Sons/Tzeentch. So naturally that might leave the people who enjoy the other gods and their thematic Marines wanting something similar.

With the 40K narrative being pointed towards conflict with the chaos gods it leaves me with a hope. Hope that a Slaaneshi codex would bring with it a Dark Eldar codex and expansion. To pair any other army opposite Slaanesh would be ludicrous as the Eldar are those who forever struggle to not have their souls taken by Slaanesh. The Primaris/Deathguard and Custodes/Thousand Sons is nowhere as thematically appropriate as a Slaanesh/Dark Eldar release would be. That would be incredible and leaves me hoping that this is anywhere near the plan that GW has.

The one and only Doomrider!

Though as for the petition I am not the most optimistic about the chance to affect the plans that GW has for releases, but it is good to see quite a few players be united in their want for something that isn’t just Imperium based. I would also like to see the Emperor’s Children be expanded a bit and believe that they deserve it just as much as Deathguard or Thousand Son’s, but it would be especially sweet to see the full return of Doomrider. Well all things considered I am rooting for these guys! Time will tell if anything comes from this petition, but I would be curious to know what you guys think. You think anything could come of this petition?



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